BrainPro Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Program

What is an Abacus?

Abacus is a Latin word that has its origins in the Greek words “abax” or abakon meaning a calculating table or tablet. The abacus is a tool used by the Chinese since about 500 BC for the simplest of calculations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as decimals and square/cube roots. Over time the abacus traveled to Japan and evolved into what it is called today; The Soroban. A Soroban is made up of a wooden frame divided into two parts separated by a beam, with upper deck of one row of beads and a lower deck of four rows of beads.

We are associated with leading Educational Institutions for delivering quality brain-skill development programs through our proprietary BrainPro Abacus and VedicPro Vedic Math programs. The programs have been designed with the objective of building and retaining the interest level of the children so that they learn in a fun-filled manner. We work towards brain development of the students through these programs by using Math as the medium.

About the BrainPro Program

The BrainPro Program has been designed to provide Abacus Training to school children through a unique methodology, delivered either through a Curriculum or Center based model. The Program is developed taking into consideration the understanding level of the student of all the classes.

Course Content and Mechanisms:-

The content delivered till date was restricted to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and decimals only. We at Brainpro, have gone a step ahead and have included square roots, cube roots, GCD and LCM in the syllabus that makes a strong base for children of the higher classes.


Why BrainPro Abacus?

Abacus is an age old method used for calculations. It is also the basis for the development of modern computers. It is a manual calculating instrument that uses Math as a medium and Mental Arithmetic with a faster speed and accuracy as the end result of the program. BrainPro Abacus helps in the following ways

  • Demands coordinated work of hands, eyes and brain

  • Enhances brain power

  • Strengthens the process of calculating by allowing the student to observe it in action thereby encouraging confidence in calculations.

  • Helps children improve their calculation ability in a very short period.

  • Excellent substitute for rote learning of tables

  • Teaches base numbering system

  • Enhances their interest, feeling, motive, personality and determination to face Competitions.

  • Enables children to understand and develop
    • The basic number systems such as base-ten and place values

    • Concepts of carrying and borrowing in arithmetic

    • Combinations of 5 and 10 and complements of numbers

    • Visualization of close relations between numbers and numerals

    • Children's ability to perform mental calculations

BrainPro Abacus v/s Calculator

  • Electronic Gadgets/Calculator
    • Input by child:
      • Numbers

    • Processing by calculator
      • Addition / Subtraction

      • Multiplication/Division

    • Output by calculator
      • Answer

  • BrainPro Abacus
    • Input by child:
      • Converts numbers into beads

    • Processing by child:
      • Manipulates the beads

    • Output by child:
      • Brings out the final answer in form of the beads and converts beads back to numbers

BrainPro Abacus & The concept of Right & Left Brain

The Human Brain is divided into Left Brain and Right Brain

  • Left Brain
    • Linear and Logical

    • Reasons how intense a problem will be

    • Can lead to a person giving up on the problem

  • Right Brain
    • Is creative

    • Thinks about new methods to reach a goal

    • Is able to visualize the final scene of goal achievement

    • Will not rest till newer methods of goal-achievement are found

Use of both hands to move abacus beads stimulates cells in both, the right and left, sides of the brain resulting in quick, balanced whole brain development, leading to greater mental capacity. Mental Arithmetic using BrainPro Abacus (both-hand abacus system) taps the mental capabilities of human brain to solve mathematical problems with speed and accuracy by visualizing the abacus in one's mind, thus stimulating the right and left brain while doing computation.

Benefits of BrainPro Abacus to Students:

BrainPro Abacus is actually used as a tool, Math is the medium and Mental Arithmetic with speed and accuracy are the main by products of the program. Use of Abacus enables a child to perform arithmetic calculations faster than a calculator thereby boosting a Childs Confidence, Sense of Achievement, Promotes Intuitive Thinking, Improves Concentration and Memory Retention. This tool is an excellent substitute for rote learning of tables and also to teach base numbering systems to young children.

When children use both the hands to move the beads on Abacus for small and large arithmetic calculations, the quick communication between the hands and brain stimulates the right and left brain cells simultaneously, promoting faster, balanced and whole brain development thus helping the child to face competitions with ease.

Benefits of BrainPro Abacus to Teachers:

  • Increased speed and accuracy in mathematical calculations

  • Improved learning ability, writing skills, endurance and logical thinking

  • Improved visualizing ability and self reliance of the student thereby reducing the learning time

  • Reduced carelessness and stress in higher studies

  • Better performance in terms of rapid calculation skills, better observation capabilities and quick reflexes

  • Step by step guidance and motivational teaching method effectively activates the child’s latent mental power

  • Acquired skills help children to be proficient in all subjects and the proficiency in Arithmetic boosts the morale of the children

Benefits of BrainPro Abacus to Parents:

  • Trains children in a very unique way in developing their intellect

  • Improves their calculating ability in a very short period and also enhances their interest, feeling, motive and personality

  • Children as young as 4 or 5 are capable of mastering mathematical skills and calculating ability that will yiels benefits that last a lifetime

  • Scientific analyses indicate abacus training can improve a child's ability to: Concentrate, Visualize, Memorize, Observe, and Process information

  • Learning Mental Arithmetic using BrainPro Abacus helps develop right brain / left brain integration that boosts overall intelligence

As a foundation on which we train and motivate children in achieving excellent results in Mental Arithmetic, following are some of the training mechanisms used:-

  • Both Hand Training: - This trains the students' right and left brain simultaneously, hence creating an all-round development.

  • Flash Card Exercises: - This develops the students' concentration and focusing abilities.

  • Speed Training Exercises: - This trains the students to have an acute response when dealing with digits and stimulates their latent capability in writing numbers.

  • Listening-and-Calculating Exercises:- This develops the students' hearing ability, concentration and memory power together

  • See-And-Calculate Exercises:-. The students' patience, imaginative ability and ability of high-speed calculations with easy as well as complex numbers is developed using these exercises.

  • Cumulative/Continuous Exercises:-This develops the students’ perceptibility, judging and inferring abilities.